2.34 Rue

Botanical name: 

Photo: Ruta graveolens 7. Latin name: Ruta graveolens

2.34.1 Growing rue

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
It is a short-lived (c. 5 years) evergreen perennial 1-2' high, and seems totally indifferent to soil. It takes incredibly easily from cuttings and responds very well to being hacked back when it gets leggy.
Apparently it can also be grown from seed. Jackman's Blue is the most decorative variety, and tastes the same as the common green one. It is hardy in the UK, but I don't know how much frost it will take.

2.34.2 Harvesting rue

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
Don't bother, unless you are Italian!

2.34.3 Using / preserving rue

From: nmm1.cam.ac.uk (Nick Maclaren):
It is extremely bitter, and is used in very small quantities in Roman (ancient) and Italian cookery - but do experiment, because it really does add something. There is an Italian liqueur called (surprise!) Ruta, which has a branch of rue in the bottle, but is too bitter for most foreigners to drink :-)

From HeK:
It is also considered slightly toxic nowadays. Sensitive people can develop photosensitivity due to the coumarins in the plant when handling it; these folks should not ingest it. Otherwise, small amounts not too often should be OK - but if you can't take it then don't take it.