2.6 Zucchini flowers.

Botanical name: 

Latin name: Cucurbita pepo.
You can also use the flowers of other Cucurbita species.

2.6.3 Using zucchini flowers

From: Joep.reol.com
Zucchini flowers battered and fried are far superior to anything else you can do with zucchini. Mix water, flour, salt & pepper to a pancake consistency. If you want a fluffier batter add baking powder. Deep fry and eat them while hot. Tastes like a hint of Zucchini with creamy texture and cheese quality. 4 Zucchini plants is 3 too many :)

From: bmilhol.sas.ab.ca (Billie)
I pick them when they are wilted and stuff them with seasoned cooked rice, put them in a casserole dish with a little seasoned chicken or vegetable broth and bake. Grate a little cheese on 3 min before taking out of oven. Beautiful and tasty.

From BEAVOMEY.aol.com
Blossoms are excellent stuffed with a goat /cream/or/ricotta-herb stuffing. Then battered and fried.
Had them at L'Etoile in Madison, WI with squash-goat cheese stuffing and pumpkin seed oil drizzled over the top. Excellent.