5 Sites to see.

5.1 FTP sites

I keep archives of alt.folklore.herbs, the culinary herblist, the medicinal herblist and the herbinfo list here: ftp://henriettes-herb.com/archives.

Both alt.folklore.herbs and the medicinal herblist have more traffic on medicinal herbs than on culinary herbs; for herb gardening and culinary uses the usual place to find information is rec.gardens.edible or the culinary herblist.

Lawrence London keeps archives of rec.gardens on MetaLab by ftp, or try the mirror in Japan: ftp ibiblio.org (or SunSITE.sut.ac.jp)
There's a lot of other newsgroup archives on MetaLab, too.

5.2 WWW pages

The only pages needed here are those with comprehensive forward links. With these you should be covered: