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Or less than serious replies to more or less serious questions

compiled by Henriette, your favorite herbFAQ keeper, from recent news:alt.folklore.herbs archives, and stuff.
Additional entries welcome. As you can see I try to keep them short.

> Is there an herb one can take which will mix with alcohol to make you very sick temporarily?

Orange juice. Granted, you need a lot of the mixture ;)


>Is there any way to make a pregnancy test from herbs or something?

Yes. Drink one cup of chamomile tea a day for seven months - check your weight before and after. If it's significantly higher after there's a good chance that you're pregnant.


>Flaxseed, can it do any harm?

Sure, if you use your flax seed oil to wipe out your not-yet-dry oil painting.


>If you have been searching for Black Seed - here it is - our new Online Store (snip)
>Why is it so unique? For centuries it has been used in the Middle East and some parts of Asia (snip)

Sure. Please post a list of herbs which are -not- unique.


>Your vote for the most Amazing Herb

Placebo officinalis for one and don't forget Anecdotum noreferensis


> I find Hops and Passion Flower mixed will also knock you out for a good nights sleep or it does to me.

Yeah but you can cut the passion flower out too - I find a kind of infusion of barley, flavoured with hops and then fermented works very well for most people I know.

You have to drink about ten pints though for it to really work :-)


>Increasing testosterone level, is there a natural way to do this?

Yeah, body builders! Forget chowing down the DHEA and Tribulus terrestris. Just have a regular Sherman (tank), three times a day before meals (no cereals mind!) and you will develop Gonads of Steel!

Bull's testes are natural and contain testosterone but bio-availability is poor because yeuch, who wants to eat a bullock's bollocks sandwich.

I know, tickle my ink sac and call me a squirt, octopi have 8 testicles..... er, don't they?

More valuable info available on

Nick - the badger's nadgers

>Yellow or (god forbid) brown hops strobiles are as inert as the paper bag they come in.

Would that be the brown paper bag with my beer in it?



>Re: garlic, how to?

Oh, boy that parsley stuff about taking away the dog breath.

Who does that work for?

And I don't want to hear from the person that ate the garlic themselves I want to hear from their spouse/colleagues.

The only way to take it away is *relatively*, ie make sure all yr mates eat it too!