3.6 Aphrodisiacs.


From Peter L. Schuerman <plschuerman.ucdavis.edu>:

Try this:
2 parts safflower (or 1 part saffron)
2 parts hibiscus flower
2 parts rose flower
in tea (1 tsp. per cup) or capsules (1-2 OO caps).
According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the floral structures of plants have their medicinal effects on the reproductive system. This formula is made of three flowers; the first is an aphrodisiac, the second exerts an influence on the sexual chakra and the third exerts and influence on the heart chakra and acts to harmonize the blend.

From Back in Black <skeevers.netcom.com>, to above:
If you find the effect of this mixture too overwhelming (depending on your constitution, it might be) you can also add 1 part myrrh to soften the effect. Without the myrrh, it has quite a punch, with the myrrh, it has a much more diffuse effect, spread throughout the entire body rather than being so focused on the lower two chakras (or at least, those are the effects it had on me).
Personally, I couldn't stomach this mixture as tea -- capsules are preferable -- but it's also not bad in vanilla yogurt, if you don't have capsules.

From Henriette:
Germans use celeriac root as an aphrodisiac. It works because it enhances blood flow to the pelvic area; but any aphrodisiac will work better if both partners know about it.

So here's a recipe for a Waldorf salad for two:

1,5 dl grated raw celeriac
1 apple, grated or cut into pieces
1-2 tblspoons walnuts
dressing: 1 dl sourcream, 1/4 teaspoon mustard, herbsalt.

Mix and enjoy.