6.3 Good Periodicals.

For enthusiasts (emphasis on color pictures)

For kids

  • Herbal Roots Zine
    An electronic monthly zine for kids. USD 35 per year.
    Kristine Brown focuses on one herb a month, and does so splendidly. If your kid(s) read English, go for it!

For professional herbalists (emphasis on case studies)

These lead the field:

  • Medical Herbalism
    Bergner Communications, OR, USA. Back issues available as single issues, as a bound volume, by online subscription, or on CD.
    It's ostensibly quarterly, in reality you get a journal when it ships. And it's not a very thick journal. That being said, it's very much worth the USD 45 per year it costs.
    The leading articles have been very relevant to herbal practitioners for the last five or so years.
  • Plant Healer Magazine
    Edited by Kiva Rose and Wolf Hardin.
    An electronic quarterly. USD 59 a year.
    The journal comes in at a whopping 250 or so pages each quarter, and it takes about three months to really read. Very insightful articles, geared towards herbal practitioners.
    Plant Healer also offers yearly printed versions of this otherwise digital journal.
    (I get a kickback if you subscribe with above link.)
  • JAHG or Journal of the American Herbalists Guild
    The journal of the American Herbalists Guild.
    USD 45 per year.
    Often quite brilliant articles.

Not that important for practising herbalists:

  • HerbalGram, Journal of the American Botanical Council.
    American Botanical Council. Quarterly. They don't tell you how much it costs on their homepage ...
    Technical and scientific, ethnobotany, latest medical research.
    The ABC thinks the world of the German Commission E monographs. I don't: it's a set of committee compromises with little practical use.
  • Zeitschrift der Phytotherapie
    Thieme, Germany.
    It's the journal of the phytotherapists' association, and it's packed full with herbal science.

For universities (emphasis on scientific studies)

Read these in the library of your local university with a pharmacy department.