Photo: Alchemilla vulgaris 0.

Photo: Alchemilla vulgaris.

Flowering plant. One of the plants for women - make a tea out of fresh or dried leaves and flowers. The flowers are also (sometimes) sweet (if a bit crunchy) snacks. And the dewdrops aren't really dew, it's how the plant gets rid of excess water. Suomussalmi, Finland. Wild. 1992-07-01.

Alchemilla vulgaris L.
Engl.: lady's mantle, ladies' mantle.
Deu.: Frauenmantel, Gewöhnlicher Frauenmantel.
Suom.: poimulehti.
Sven.: daggkåpa.
Fran.: alchémille.
Ital.: alchemilla.
Span.: alquimila