Photo: Hepatica nobilis 06.

Photo: Hepatica nobilis 6.

Flowering plant. See, it's one of the first spring flowers, so it's almost completely irresistible. I think I took only 4 pics this time, but there were simply loads of flowers, out in the woods. Riihimäki, Finland. Wild. 2001-04-22.

Hepatica nobilis Schreb.
Engl.: American liverwort, hepatica, liverleaf, roundlobe hepatica.
Deu.: Leberblümchen.
Suom.: lehtosinivuokko, sinivuokko.
Sven.: blåsippa, rödsippa.
Bot. syn.: Anemone americana (DC.) Hara, Anemone hepatica L., Hepatica americana (DC.) Ker-Gawl., Hepatica hepatica (L.) Karst., Hepatica triloba Chaix