Photo: Matricaria recutita 05.

Photo: Matricaria recutita 5.

Chamomile needs to be dried on cloth or similar, as the strongest part of the flower, the yellow bit, tends to fall to pieces - you can hang it up in bundles, but you'll lose much of the strength of it. The herb is of course dried in a shady spot indoors. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Picked. 2005-07-06.

Matricaria recutita L.
Engl.: German chamomile, scented mayweed, chamomile, false chamomile, German tea chamomile, Hungarian chamomile, sweet chamomile.
Deu.: Echte Kamille, Kamille, Frauenblume, Mägdeblume, Ramerian.
Suom.: kamomillasaunio.
Sven.: kamomill, sötblomster, äkta kamomill.
Fran.: camomille.
Ital.: camomilla.
Bot. syn.: Chamomilla officinalis Koch, Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert, Chrysanthemum chamomilla Bernh., Matricaria chamomilla auct.