Photo: Mentha x piperita 00.

Photo: Mentha x piperita.

Flowering plants. Beware of anybody trying to sell peppermint seeds - they don't have a clue. Peppermint is a hybrid of M. spicata and M. aquatica. Any seeds from the flowers will give you one of the parent species. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 1999-07-31.

Mentha x piperita L.
Engl.: peppermint, black peppermint, chocolate mint.
Deu.: Pfefferminze.
Suom.: piparminttu.
Sven.: pepparmynta.
Fran.: menthe poivrée.
Ital.: menta.
Bot. syn.: Mentha aquatica L. x spicata L., Mentha dumetorum Schultes