Photo: Populus balsamifera 0.

Photo: Populus balsamifera.

Dried leaf buds - just in case somebody is still trying to sell fluffy poplar sweepings as "balm of gilead" buds. That's fluff, this is the real thing. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Processed. 2005-09-28.

Populus balsamifera L.
Engl.: balsam poplar, eastern balsam poplar, balm of Gilead, balm of Gilead buds, black cottonwood, hackmatack, tacamahac, tacomahaca, western balsam poplar.
Deu.: Balsampappel, Östliche Balsampappel.
Suom.: kartanopoppeli, palsamipoppeli.
Sven.: balsampoppel, äkta balsampoppel.
Fran.: peuplier baumier.
Pharm.: populi gemmae.
Bot. syn.: Populus candicans Ait., Populus hastata Dode, Populus michauxii Dode, Populus tacamahaca P. Mill., Populus tristis Fisch., Populus x candicans auct.