Photo: Rubus odoratus 0.

Photo: Rubus odoratus.

Plant in flower with berries. It's got its name because of the scented reddish hairs that cover much of the green parts. Usually, over here, it's grown as a sterile ornamental. Botanical garden Kumpula, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 1999-09-06.

Rubus odoratus L.
Engl.: American bramble, purpleflowering raspberry, flowering raspberry, mulberry, rose-flowering raspberry.
Deu.: Zimt-Himbeere.
Suom.: tuoksuvatukka.
Sven.: rosenhallon.
Fran.: framboisier du Canada, ronce odorante.
Bot. syn.: Rubus columbianus (Millsp.) Rydb.