Crinum L.

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Engl.: swamplily.
Deu.: Hakenlilie.

Crinum americanum

Crinum americanum L.
Engl.: seven sisters, Florida swamp-lily, southern swamp-crinum, string-lily.
Bot. syn.: Crinum floridanum Fraser ex Steud., Crinum strictum Herbert.

Crinum asiaticum

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Crinum asiaticum L.
Engl.: Asiatic poisonbulb, poisonbulb.
Deu.: Asiatische Hakenlilie, Giftlilie.
Bot. syn.: Crinum amabile Donn ex Ker-Gawl., Crinum toxicarium Roxb.

Karen tells me: "Hi Henriette, Just a quick note telling you that the leaves of this plant are used in Thai healing arts to cover salt pots that were heated on coalfire to massage the abdomen of the postpartum mother. It is said the leaves are good for the skin."

Crinum bulbispermum

Crinum bulbispermum (Burm. f.) Milne-Redh. & Schweick.
Engl.: hardy swamplily.
Deu.: Orangefarbene Hakenlilie.
Bot. syn.: Amaryllis bulbispermum Burm. f., Crinum longifolium (L.) Thunb.

Crinum moorei

Crinum moorei Hook. f.
Deu.: Busch-Hakenlilie.

Crinum x powellii

Crinum x powellii hort. ex Baker.
Deu.: Kaplilie.