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Nymphaea L.
Engl.: waterlily.
Deu.: Seerose.
Sven.: näckros.
Suom.: lumme.
Bot. syn.: Nymphea Vent.

Nymphaea alba

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Nymphaea alba L.
Engl.: white pond lily, white water-lily, European white water-lily.
Deu.: Weisse Seerose.
Sven.: vit näckros, sjöblad, sydnäckros.
Suom.: lumme, isolumme, valkolumme.
Bot. syn.: Castalia alba (L.) Wood, Castalia alba Greene, Nymphaea candida C. Presl, Nymphaea occidentalis (Ostenf.) Moss.

Nymphaea ampla

Nymphaea ampla (Salisb.) DC.
Engl.: dotleaf waterlily.
Bot. syn.: Castalia ampla Salisb.

Nymphaea caerulea

Nymphaea caerulea Savigny.
Engl.: Egyptian lotus.
Sven.: egyptisk blålotus, blå lotus, kaplotus.
Suom.: niilinlumme.
Bot. syn.: Nymphaea capensis Thunb., Nymphaea stellata auct. non Willd.

Nymphaea candida:

Nymphaea candida C. Presl., Nymphaeaceae: See Nymphaea alba L.

Nymphaea colorata

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Nymphaea colorata Peter.
Engl.: tropical waterlily.
Deu.: Bunte Seerose.

Nymphaea daubeniana

Nymphaea daubeniana Hort. ex O. Thomas.
Bot. syn.: Nymphaea × daubeniana W.T. Baxter ex Daubeny.

Nymphaea gigantea

Nymphaea gigantea Hook.
Engl.: Australian waterlily, giant blue waterlily, giant waterlily.
Deu.: Riesenseerose.
Sven.: jättelotus.

Nymphaea lotus

Nymphaea lotus L.
Engl.: waterlily of Egypt, white Egyptian lotus.
Sven.: egyptisk vitlotus, tigerlotus, vit lotus.
Bot. syn.: Nymphaea zenkeri Gilg.

Nymphaea maculata:

Nymphaea maculata Raf., Nymphaeaceae: See Nymphaea odorata Aiton.

Nymphaea nouchali

Nymphaea nouchali Burm. f.
Engl.: blue lotus.
Deu.: Stern-Seerose.
Sven.: stjärnlotus.
Port.: ninféia.
Bot. syn.: Castalia stellata (Willd.) Blume, Nymphaea stellata Willd.

Nymphaea odorata

Nymphaea odorata Ait.
Engl.: American white waterlily, sweet pond-lily, sweet-scented water lily, water cabbage, water lily, water nymph, white pond-lily.
Bot. syn.: Castalia lekophylla Small, Castalia minor (Sims) Nyar, Castalia odorata (Ait.) Wood, Castalia odorata Greene, Castalia reniformis DC., Castalia spiralis (Raf.) Cockerell, Nymphaea maculata Raf., Nymphaea minor (Sims) DC., Nymphaea rosea Raf., Nymphaea spiralis Raf., Nymphaea tuberosa Paine.

Nymphaea rosea:

Nymphaea rosea Raf., Nymphaeaceae: See Nymphaea odorata Aiton.

Nymphaea rubra

Nymphaea rubra Roxb.
Engl.: India red waterlily, red pondlily.

Nymphaea spiralis:

Nymphaea spiralis Raf., Nymphaeaceae: See Nymphaea odorata Aiton.

Nymphaea stellata:

Nymphaea stellata Willd., Nymphaeaceae: See Nymphaea nouchali Burm. f.

Nymphaea tetragona

Nymphaea tetragona Georgi.
Engl.: pygmy waterlily.
Sven.: finsk näckros.
Suom.: suomenlumme.
Bot. syn.: Castalia tetragona (Georgi) Lawson.

Nymphaea x daubenyana

Nymphaea x daubenyana W.T. Baxter ex Daubeny.
Bot. syn.: Nymphaea caerulea Savigny x micrantha Guill. & Perr.