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Anamirta cocculus

Anamirta cocculus

Anamirta cocculus (L.) Wight & Arn. Engl.: Indian berries, fish berry, Levant berries, Levant nut, Oriental berries. Deu.: Fischkörner, Kokkelskörner, Tollkörner. Fran.: coque du Levant. Pharm.: cocculus indicus, cocculus levanticus, fructus cocculi. Bot. syn.: Anamirta paniculata Colebr., Cocculus lacunosus DC., Cocculus suberosus DC., Menispermum cocculus L.

Gleanings in Materia Medica, cont'd.

Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1883. Analysis of Cinchona leaves, Oil of Gaultheria, Blue volatile oils, Composition of Cacao Butter, Free Acids in Vegetable Fats, Convallaria majalis.

Anamirta paniculata.

Botanical name:

Classic texts: Sturtevant 1919.

159. Cocculus.—Fish berries.

Botanical name:

[image:12360 node=7061]Classic texts: Sayre 1917.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: Felter 1922.

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