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Artemisia abrotanum

Artemisia abrotanum

Artemisia abrotanum L. Engl.: southernwood, lad's love, old man, slovenwood, southern wormwood, tangerine southernwood. Deu.: Eberraute, Eberreis, Zitronenkraut. Suom.: aaprottimaruna, aaprotti. Sven.: åbrodd, ambrot. Fran.: abrotone, aurone. Bot. syn.: Artemisia paniculata Lam., Artemisia procera Willd.


Botanical name:

Gamla texter: Kryddor och kryddodling, 1919.


Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 08.1995.

Photo: Artemisia abrotanum 4.

Taxonomy extra:
Branches. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2004-08-25.

Photo: Artemisia abrotanum 3.

Taxonomy extra:
Branch. Helsinki bot.g. (Kaisan.), Finland. Planted. 2004-08-24.

Photo: Artemisia abrotanum 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Closeup of branch. Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 1995-07-01.

Photo: Artemisia abrotanum.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant. Olde medicinal and culinary herb. The leaves have a delightful lemony scent. Espoo, Finland. Planted. 1992-08-01.

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