Back pain.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Vitamins, Food Supplements, & Herbs for Back Pain Relief
From: (Robert Miller)
Date: 5 Dec 1994 04:30:38 GMT

Am completing final research on major project dealing with chronic back pain relief. Results will be shared on the Internet. Please advise of vitamins, herbs, food supplements, foods to avoid, re what has proven to be effective in chronic back pain relief. Dosages and actual experiences would be very helpful.

From: (Sandra Lynch)

As an aside - my dog, a Lhasa Apso, was attacked by another dog and was paralyzed in the back legs after having been twisted and thrown to the ground. I took him into an emergency clinic and the doctor felt he would probably need surgery which would have to be done in the nearest large city (Seattle) to the tune of around $1800. He suggested following up the next day with our regular vet The regular vet said that he would like to give him a few days to see how he did and I found it quite interesting that along with a steroid shot, he gave the dog vitamin E and Selenium.

The dog was up and around in about two weeks.

I work for three orthopaedic surgeons. There are lots of reasons for back pain - anything from a herniated disc to torn muscles.