The Best of the Herbal Forums.


I've long wanted to make the archives into something that's actually useful, as opposed to a few gems buried in a sandpit. Here, then, is a subjective subset of the full archive files; it represents what I believe to be the "good ones", the best of the lot. Because it is a subjective subset you might still want to read the full files; they're linked from the archive page.
All of this is, of course, a work in progress.

The focus is on hands-on experience and anecdotal evidence, rather than theoretical research and "in vitro" conclusions drawn from that - I am, after all, a practising herbalist, and anecdotes interest me far more than theories.

Email addresses are all disguised; a lot of them are also obsolete.

Copyright of all entries lies with the respective contributor(s). Also, don't forget that herbalists work with whole persons. These snippets are meant more to jog your memory and give you hints; they're not intended to be taken as is for more or less involved problems. Don't chuck your meds into the wind based on advice found here, is what I'm saying.

That being said, enjoy!

herblist: The medicinal herblist (done to Jul96)

culiherb: culinary herblist (done to May96)

afh: The usenet newsgroup alt.folklore.herbs (done to Mar96)

paracelsus: the Paracelsus-list. There'll be just a few posts from this one

mha: The usent newsgroup There will be very few posts from this one.