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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 22:16:55 -0800
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Subject: Re: Borage

> I saw something interesting about an herb -- want to help me check this out? Borage, of all things, is said by Hoffman in the Holistic Herbal to contain precursors to adrenal hormones, to act as a tonic to build up the adrenals, to be good to help in convalescence from illness --

"Sprigs of Borage are of known virtue to revive the hypochondriac"
John Evelyn (1797)

Borage has ALWAYS been known to herbalists as a convalescents dream. It has about 30% (fresh juice) potassium salts and also phosphorus. In fact it is SO heavily endowed with potassium nitrate that when burnt Borage will give off small sparks and explosive sounds. The name Borage is a form of the Keltic "barrach"..."a man of courage". The flowers made into a tincture and expressed into a syrup were known to be a great "instrument to dispell all manner of ill-mood and melancholia....."

Borage is easy to grow and if one were interested I have some interesting formulas (some ancient, some newer) for Borage wine, Borage tea etc.

> it's like he might as well say CFS here. These are just the things I'm looking at. So, why borage? It's usually thought to be pretty innocuous, I thought.

Ego Borago Gaudia semper ago.
I, Borage bring always courage.

Perhaps it is our society that has become innocuous, the early Americans doted on Borage and candied the flowers. Borage flowers were considered a salad ingredient long before the advent of Iceberg lettuce.

I have found many historical references linking Borage and courage. One such reference...."To drinketh wine imbued with the floures of borage is to increase his countenance and bringeth courage to the weak".