Quit coffee.

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Subject: Re: What herbs relieve caffeine (sp) withdrawl?
From: osterman.carson.u.washington.edu (Marilyn Osterman)
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 94 02:05:51 GMT

flyinggoat.aol.com (Flyinggoat) wrote:
> Try mint tea, or ginger, honey, and lemon to soothe the stomach when it starts to get upset because you're not giving it coffee. Avoid salt initially, since your system is not taking in as much acid as it has, and your ph balance will be screwy enough that you may have water retention problems (depending on the individual, either bloating, cramps, or dehydration).
> Drink lots of water to help flush toxins out of the system.

Good advice.

I'd also recommend massages. A full body massage from a professional would be ideal, but you can have a friend rub your neck, head, and shoulders for the head pain. When you don't have a friend around, rub your head yourself. It helps.

Try drinking robust teas that are hearty like coffee. I like Roastarama by Celestial Seasonings. I put milk in it to make it seem more like coffee.

I stopped drinking coffee 2 years ago. It took a year before I stopped missing it (just to warn you!) The other day I walked into an espresso shop with a friend and realized afterwards that I hadn't even been tempted. I feel so much better now than I did when I drank coffee.

Good luck to you. The first week is the hardest.

From: davidl1063.aol.com (David)

osterman.carson.u.washington.edu (Marilyn Osterman) writes:

Great advise on the coffee quiting..When I have a client who wants to stop coffee or smoking I recommend the following sequence and my clients have had great success.

Carry a note book or pad of paper to write down every time you have a coffee or cigarette.. See how many you are having a day. When you decide your D-Day is start by having one less coffee or cigarette that day..If you drink 12 cups of coffee a day on day one have 11. The next day have 10 and so on. This way you are gradually tapering off and giving your body a chance to taper off, minimizing the withdrawl symptoms, and have a positive goal that you are writing down everyday.

If you need to go every other day on cutting back by one thats ok too. By slowly tapering off with realistic goals over time you can eliminate the guilt and emotional stress that comes with improving your health. Have your family and friends support you in your efforts if you can but remember you are doing this for yourself and only you need to be pleased with your efforts.

Some herbs that might help are scullcap, sassafras and a combination of chamomile, catnip and indian tobacco to take the edge off the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

I used to do about 20-25 20oz Diet Cokes a day and 4 packs of cigarettes to keep my personal motor running each day and the above sequence helped me get off the stuff over a 4 month period.

Good luck and I support your getting off the caffeine!!!!

Keep us posted with your progress and when you are finally off the coffee.

Best Regards
Dave Laskowski M.H., Id. E-Mail: David.aol.com

P.S. If it gets crazy and you get really sick check with your doctor. Common sense would dictate a visit to the doctor if you need to.