Drying up breastmilk.

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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 09:47:01 EST
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Subject: Re: preventing breatmilk engorgement

Sue, I posed the question on an informal midwife list and recieved this response. I hope it helps.

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Date: Fri Jun 24 13:49:50 PDT 1994
Subject: Re: preventing beastmilk engorgement
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Have you heard of using fresh cabbage leaves? Get the leaves slightly damp, apply them to the engorged breasts, and leave them there until wilted; then apply fresh ones. I have heard from women for whom nothing else worked that this brings blessed relief. Also... I tell women to stand in a warm shower and let the water run directly onto their backs and indirectly over their shoulders onto their breasts. This allows some milk to leak out without stimulating the breasts to produce more, and the warmth brings relief. If she must resort to pharmacological means, Advil work better than Tylenol because it reduces inflammation as well as relieving pain. Anyone know of others?