Elecampane: lung problems, sinus trouble.

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Lynn Buckman, Celtic Fox, Feb 1994, afh

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Subject: Re: Elecampagne question
From: lgb1.cornell.edu (Lynn Buckman)
Date: 24 Feb 1994 03:01:48 GMT

> I stumbled upon an area full of elecampagne while foraging. I didn't know what it was, at first, but was impressed by the beautiful smell of its root. Has anyone actually used this plant? Anyone reading this, I mean. Textbooks cite all kinds of uses, and it sounds like this could be a useful medicinal plant. Again - Has anyone ACTUALLY used this plant medicinally?

Yes, Wolfram, I have recently used it when my cold/flu condition moved into lung congestion with phlegm. I used a dropperful of tincture (my own) about 3X/day in combination with other herbs. It took several days before I felt normal again. A friend of mine also relies on elecampane for occasional bouts of bronchitis.
Lynn Buckman (LG.CORNELL.EDU

From: starfire.access1.digex.net (Celtic Fox)

>I stumbled upon an area full of elecampagne while foraging.

Boil the root, then make a steam tent. This works great in clearing the sinuses. Definitely a wonderful herb for those who have a cold, and are stopped up.