Citrus: lemon juice for blond hair.

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 14:50:44 -0400
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From: "<Elisa> <Church>" <C.CANISIUS.BITNET>
Subject: Re: natural dyeing continued

Dying your hair can be a tricky business. You might want to check out the new all natural herbal products you can find at places like the Body Shop, which features non-polutant products.

For quick home remedies, try a capful of lemon juice to lighten and brighten your hair. You might also look into chamoille, another natural hair lightener. Chamoille will give a a strawberry blond shade; while lemon juice is more golden.

Just a word though, be careful with the lemon juice -- if you use too much, or dry it with too much heat, your hair can get dry. (But it won't discolor.) This is especially true with permed hair. Try using a finishing rinse after soaking your hair in lemon juice for a few minutes -- it should prevent dry ends.

Good luck!

Elisa C.

From: Ellen Kessler <etk.PANIX.COM>
Subject: Re: Natural Hair Dye

Try a dilute solution of lemon juice and water. Spray it on after you wash your hair, or dunk your head in a sink of it and let it dry naturally (or use a dryer). I don't remember the ratio of lemon juice to water, but I used it as a kid and it worked pretty well over time. If you sit in the sun afterward, the action is accelerated. I never tried it on dry hair, it was just easier after a shower, but I assume it would work too.

Another method is a chamomille rinse. Again I don't know the proportions, but I'd start with boiling a tablespoon or two of the herb in a half quart to a quart of water, and use the same method as for the lemon. Chamoille will turn the hair reddish blonde.

Good luck.