Joggin' in a jar.


Date: Mon, 31 Jan 1994 14:09:00 EST
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From: "Dawn M. Hayes" <DUSK.CLEMSON.BITNET>
Subject: "Joggin' in a Jar"

My aunt gave my mom a recipe for something called "Joggin' in a Jar" that's supposed to lower your cholestrol. It's a combination of cider vinegar, honey, grape juice, and probably something(s) else I didn't notice. I told her it'd probably have her "Joggin' to the Bathroom". Sounds like something the National Enquirer or STAR would publish...

Anyway, has anyone heard of this, tried it, have any other comments to make?


My mom drinks it. They sell it at the Kroger over here in Athens, ga.

A man in Alabama developed it, after a recipe everyone in his family used. My mom used to buy it, now she makes it herself. All she uses is sider vinegar, apple juice, and grape juice. I can't really stomach it, its pretty tangy. But people around here swear by it for every kind of ailment. I have an article on it at home somewhere, i'll try to find it.

From: "Dawn M. Hayes" <DUSK.CLEMSON.BITNET>

Several folks have requested the recipe, so I called Mom & got it. Actually she had 2 recipes, the only difference was the amount of apple juice. The claims she heard were "lowers cholestorol" and "lessens arthritic pain".

Some folks love the taste, some hate it. Evidentally there are lots of claims being made for what it will do for you--a modern day "tonic".

Joggin' in a Jar (the recipe)

1 qt or 2 qts apple juice, unsweetened
1 qt pure grape juice, any variety (white, red, purple)
6 oz. apple cider vinegar
½ cup raw honey

Drink 4 - 6 oz. per day.