Lighten eye color.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Lighten Eye Color?
From: (Craig-Richard Taube-Schock)
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 05:05:08 GMT

James M Buggar <> wrote:
>I'm curious, for the last four months I've been taking several different dietary supplements which were reported to improve memory and conceintration. In the process, I've noticed that my eye color has brightened slightly!
>I have green eyes with a brown star around the pupil, and in the past they've seemed quite dark (perhaps due to the brown). Just recently I noticed while preparing for school that the green in my eyes was quite a bit more noticable.
>The supplements have, I think, helped with my memory for school; I should be receiving a 4.0 for this semester's GPA. Does anyone know if they're also responsible for the lightening of my eye color?
>Are there any herbs which are recognized as prominently changing/lightening eye color?

Hi James,

I have a number of friends who practice iridology. According to them, if your system has a lot of buildup of mucus, this can cloud the iris. It's possible that the herbal supplements have helped your system clean itself out, and in doing so, your eyes (ie. irides) have also cleared up.