Morning sickness.

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 23:30:30 -0700
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From: David Eagle <eagle.NETCOM.COM>

>A friend of mine is experiencing frequent morning sickness and is looking for some relief. This is her second pregnancy, her first she experienced severe vomiting throughout the pregnancy not through the first several months only. She is now close to three months pregnant and the vomiting is considerably less than the first time around. She fels that her liver is functioning normally and therefor able to process the added toxins the fetus produces as waste matter but she is trying to add more B complex vitamins to her diet anyway. Can anyone help further?

First thing to try is added B6 vitamin, stop taking vitamins with fish oils for a few days and see if that helps. Ginger tea also works wonders (a little dried powdered ginger mixed with boiled water and perhaps a touch of honey). Also a chinese prepared medicine called CURING PILLS works well and is very safe. Or can try a homeopathic remedy such as nux vomica 30 C.

Hope this helps if not send more info direct to me.

David Eagle

From: Jonathan Treasure <jtreasure.JONNO.DEMON.CO.UK>

The symptoms of morning sickness usually recede after the first trimester, but if they are herbs are: Meadowsweet, Black Horehound, Chamomile and Peppermint, along with Raspberry leaf (which latter can be taken daily throughout pregnancy to great benefit)

A good recipe for infusion for morning sickness is an infusion of:

Meadowsweet 2 parts
Black Horehound 1 part
Chamomile 1 part

either three cups a day, or, as needed.

Powdered Ginger (in capsules) is effective if the nausea is severe. Soothing Nervines such as Chamomile and Hops are helpful.

Incidentally, this nausea is not so much to do with hepatic functionality as you suggest- more the massive hormonal flux acting on brainstem centres... - although sensible diet avoiding aggrevating foods is obviously important.

There are several Homeopathic remedies, including Nux vom., Pulsatilla, and Sepia but you should see an experienced practitioner for remedy differential.

If acute sickness persists into the second trimester you should check with your midwife/ MD/ND.

good luck