Panic attacks.


Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 19:07:06 PST
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Subject: Re: Panic Disorder

> I have been diagnosed as having panic disorder, possibly related to SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
> I am taking 10mg of Paxil a day. Paxil is a new anti-depressant, is not addictive, and has minimal side effects which I have not felt. Other than suggesting excercise (which I get by folk dancing HARD 2 nights a week), I have been told that there is not much I can do. The Paxil does help.
> Anybody out there have any less chemical actions I can take?

There was an article in Scientific American in 1969 about something that may be related. At that time the condition was called "Anxiety Neurosis", but that article pointed out the inadequacy of that name. They described people who had panic attacks with palpitations of the heart, feelings of impending doom, etc.

Upon investigation, it turned out that these people showed elevated lactic acid levels in their blood.

The treatment of choice was ingestion of rapidly-absorbed forms of Calcium. (NOT milk!) Since it is a good idea to combine magnesium with calcium, you might try chewable bonemeal, dolomite, or other calcium-magnesium combination tablets if the description matches your symptoms, and see whether that helps you. Should take effect within about 20 minutes, IF you are indeed suffering from elevated lactic acid, and IF you do it on an empty stomach.

Please let us know whether this helps you!

Why I have heard _nothing_ about this work since 1969, I have no idea. Just doesn't make sense to me. Did your physicians check your blood-lactate level before putting you on Paxil?