Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: HELP: Snoring
From: (Kurt A. Kistler)
Date: 29 May 1994 03:50:57 GMT

Frederic Michael Luskin (fredl.leland.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Edmund White <> wrote:
: >Anyone know of any herbal cures for snoring?
: Sure! Any herbs will do. Just take enough of them to completely stuff into the snoring person's mouth and like magic, they'll stop!

Use cement. It won't get twigs and leaves in the bed.

From: ("Edmund White")

Hi come on Guys, I was looking for help; it's me that's snoring....

From: (Carolyn M Prince)

My husband also has a snoring problem. It seems to lessen the amount/sound to have sleep on his side. Also try to keep your neck from hyperextending while sleeping by positioning pillows to facilitate a slight chin tuck. I have noticed that it is easier to snore with one's mouth open than it is to snore with it closed, and this position encourages that.

When I can get my husband to reposition himself using the above suggestions, I can notice a big difference.


From: (Lisa Vawter)

My sweetheart snores much much less (and much less vigorously) since we embarked on a program to reduce the allergens at his apt. This program consists mostly of buying an expensive triple-filtered vacuum cleaner (a Miehle) and using it.

Lisa Vawter

From: (Kurt A. Kistler)

: Hi come on Guys, I was looking for help; it's me that's snoring....

Sorry, we got silly. Nothing personal, just happens sometimes. Here's what my wife, a doctor, said. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is when you stop breathing in sleep. The treatment is to be studied by a Dr. at a sleep clinic, with possible surgery to remove the uvula (the dangling thing in your throat). According to some it is not very successful. There is also a device that gives positive air pressure to the throat from a tank of air.
You have to be studied by a sleep specialist first, however, to be evaluated for an appropriate trreatment.

Good luck! I suffer from it too. Or at least my wife does!