Infected wound.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Urgent Request regarding Infected Cut
From: (Sharon Rust)
Date: 24 Dec 1994 20:36:24 GMT

> I am looking for information on how to treat an infected cut in the natural way. I am presently soaking it in hot water and salt. My doctor wants me to take antibiotics but I would like to avoid them if possible.
> Has anyone used raw garlic or a piece of aloe vera plant on an infection?
> Did it help?

DO NOT USE RAW GARLIC!!!!! Raw garlic can burn the skin and cause more tissue dammage. I have used epsom salts and hot water to soak the injury, then I usually debride (rub off the dead skin) using 4x4's or sterilized gause.Dead and damaged tissue is where germs get a big foot hold, thats why you clean off the dead stuff.

Now comes the tricky part depending on how it looks, I either let it dry out in the air or if it needs to be moist I dress it. Sometimes if it is deeply infected I have used french clay moistened until it is the consistency of quick bread batter and let that dry on the wound ( this is a very drawing and drying application; it usually has to be soaked off. Soaking a wound 3 times a day or more . The moist dressings I have used are: comfrey salve, aloe vera gel, lanolin, olive oil, almond oil, comfrey gel out of a boiled root piece, St. Johns wort salve, vitamin E oil , evening primrose oil. I have also used other drying packs, for one large infected abrasion I used fruit tree rosin dusted on it. Other than the first cleaning of a wound I do not use peroxide because it seams to cause more tissue damage. Look out if it enlarges or if a red streak appears, go to the Dr and get treatment.