Yeast infections.

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Subject: Re: yeast infections

A PREVENTION magazine article stated that many yeast infections for women using birth control pills was due to the inhibition of vitamin B6 absorption caused by the pill. I talked to my doctor years ago and he merely shrugged his shoulders. I took more B6 and never had yeast infections again. As always, check with your own physician before taking anyone's advice.

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Subject: Re: Yeast Infections

>You must be kidding ----
>> -garlic, lots of it. eat it and/or put a clove inside your vagina for a few hours
>I've put a chopped/pressed garlic poultice on an external sore, and it burned like hell (and didn't help much).

No, I am not kidding. Garlic is probably one the best things you can do for a yeast infection. (Of course cutting out yeasty food is VERY good also!) I know a number of women who actually use garlic inserted in their vaginas with extremely good success. Some notes though, you are right, if you apply garlic to OPEN sores it may hurt. But for yeast infections, a garlic clove is effective.

Also, a reding recommendation for anyone interested. I have not yet read this book, but I hear it is very useful.

"A Woman's Guide to Yeast Infections" By: Naomi Baumslag

I would also like to point out that *sometimes* men are affected by yeast. In this case I recommend yeast-reduction or yeast-free in your diet. Also, acidophilus is good. I have used it and it was effective combined with a low-yeast diet.

Patrick Goda


You can insert garlic into the vagina but you must be absolutely sure there are no nicks in the garlic bud, otherwise you will burn the vaginal wall. This is kind of tricky as you must also remove all of the skin from the bud.

Dana Ward