Adult onset diabetes.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Adult onset diabetes
From: Maggie Houston <>
Date: 24 Aug 1995 21:35:49 GMT

> I would be interested in finding if there is an herbal treatment for the treatment of diabetes. Would appreciate any information.

I had a Mayan approach me as I slept under a tree one June afternoon (true
story) And this woman told me that lots of healing was happening to me while I had slept. This was pretty interesting to me as I had had little NA training at that time so we talked. My mother had just be diagnosed with Adult onset and I was curious as to what this woman would suggest. So I asked her. She said the Mayans cooked a whole grapefruit to the point of jelly, poured the jelly into a jar and added water to dilute. Then they drank ½ cup per day.

My mother really got this and here is her modern recipe: cut a whole grapefruit into 1 quart of distilled water. Place mix into a pressure cooked and cook a full pressure for 20 minute. Pour in to quart jar and add water til filled. Drink ½ cup liquid daily. She used this are a similar concoction using plantain bananas until she found clelation therapy. She has never taken other medicine and heals from cuts or bruises very well.