Arthritic pain.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Herbs to relieve severe arthritis pain
From: (jonathan treasure)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 06:42:54 GMT

>I have severe arthritis pain in my hips and knees and need to know how to relieve it with herbs or other alternative medicine. Almost all pain relief addresses itself to "minor" pain. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

severe arthritic pain, especially in very acute attacks, is almost impervious to symptomatic treatment. Acute inflammatory pain whether OA or RA can cause associated muscle spasm and guarding, as well as vascular symptoms.

I have used Lobelia internally for spasm, Lobelia/Symphytum poultice or plaster topically, Arnica oil topically. loads of Valerian, Scutellaria to help sleep. If there is heat, cooling helps (ICE) but often acute attacks are not associated with heat.....

The use of arthritis specific anti-inflammatories eg Yucca or Harpagophytum cannot be regarded as an antidote to the acute pain attacks, and indeed several weeks highish dosage is required before they can help, both with prostaglandin inhibition and articular surface lubrication. Some people swear by Green lipped mussle extract - but evidence is sparse and conflicting and it ain't a herb.......

Some practitioners consider articular damage to be susceptible not only to limitation but to actual reversal, and this involves major Calcium/magnesium supplementation, plus zinc, B6, E, C, as well as EFA's eg evening primrose oil etc. These should be used with the above herbs.

It is very frequently the case that OA and RA present in association with poor eliminative functions, overweight if not obesity, and hypertension. Conventional herbal treatment for arthritis addresses all these with cleansing, alterative, hypotensive tonic herbs- such as Hawthorne, garlic, Dandelion root, Burdock,etc and such regimes should be maintained until there is improvement.

Its a bad pain - but keep off the steroids if you can......

jonathan treasure