Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Recommendations for asthma
From: (Michael Jeffrey)
Date: 12 May 1995 23:35:49 GMT

Can anyone recommend something for asthma? I'm not looking for something reactive (during an attack), but more along the lines of prevention. Hopefully, something safe that one could take daily.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


From: (Crazyshell)

I have had good luck using gingko biloba - it has something to do with PAF (Platelet activating factor). I don't recall all the details of *how * it works.

In addition, if your asthma is allergy related take lots of vitamin C and vitamin B complex. You may also want to look into homeopathic remedies for inflammation, congestion and allergies. I would recommend finding a holistic MD or a naturopath to help you since find the right homeopathic remedies can be a bit hit or miss.

Quercetin (a bioflavinoid) is excellent for inflammation.

From: (C MORTON)

My brother went off all soda pop and his asthma was greatly reduced, in fact it's just about gone. Cheryse

From: meyers.acf2.NYU.EDU (meyers)

> herbs that can relieve asthma?

I use 2 parts coltsfoot, 1 part vervain, 1 part comfrey, 1 part yerba santa (or chamomile). This works for my wife. I don't remember exactly how this combination evolved and it wasn't recommended by any licensed herbalist. In my experience, it works. But I will not pretend any expertise in this area.