Cats in the garden.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: animals & herbs etc
From: (Marilyn M Willhoff)
Date: 13 Mar 1995 14:21:18 GMT

I have a question. My cat is allowed on my patio and occasionally he uses the dirt for his litter box. I grow flowers and have an herb garden there too. Is there anything I can mix into the dirt to detract him from going to the bathroom there? Anything growing where he does this eventually dies. I want to let him go outside because he cries and whines to go outside but I don't want him to ruin my garden. Any suggestions that I might use? Thanks for your help.


From: (Jennifer Thayer)

Regarding the flower box using kitty cat. Try sticking some (many) tooth
picks straight down into the dirt, This has worked on two cats for me