Dark circles under the eyes.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Herbs to use for dark circles?
From: Marylin.Kraker.bbs.c4systm.com (Marylin Kraker)
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 05:59:38 EST

rprior.pacifier.com (Robert Prior) writes:
> I was wondering, I have had, and know others, that have dark circles under there eyes, not necessecarily bags, but just dark circles. I was looking for an herb that might help me get rid of them. I've had them all my life, and it seems during the summer they sorta tend not to be so dark. Could some one help me out?

My nephew had very dark circles and it was thought he had allergies. Turned out he had a chronic sinus infection. Some people are just so fair that they have the dark circles no matter how healthy or well-rested, but it's worth checking for allergies etc.



From: Muireann <marian.bluebird.com>

> Do you happen to know what is "in" those dark circles and/or what causes them?

I have read that dark circles under the eyes are an indication of poor (not optimum) kidney function. So, any herbs that help to purify the kidneys should be helpful. Also, drinking plenty of spring water. Someone recently posted some suggestions for this and included some Chinese herbs. I don't have the post - sorry.


From: robbee.crl.com (Rob Bidleman)

The dark circles relate to your liver. Tend not to think of a "cure" for the bags but rather the health of your liver.

Folks in the West tend to think of the liver only when there is a problem. There are many liver tonics. Check out the Web Page at:


There is a section on longevity/nutritive herbs and list a few "foods" for the liver.

Good Luck