Toddler diarrhea.


Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 12:32:07 -0400
From: mberg <allyoop.USIT.NET>
Subject: Solutions

I have an 18 month-old daughter with constant diarrhea from mild to severe. I have found many herbs listed as treatments for this, such as blackberry leaf, fennel seed, ginger ,sheperd's purse, etc. Can anyone recommend one of these or another? I would probably have to use extract drops and hide the herb in her food. I have already eliminated all dairy from her diet and that has not helped. I have now begun to experiment with other things in her diet, but in the mean time we need some relief.

From: Susan Gallant <susang.CLARK.EDU>

> I have an 18 month-old daughter with constant diarrhea from mild to severe.

An old remedy that my mom used for the children during flu season and which I continue to do so with mine, is to peel and grate an apple. Let the grated apple sit in a dish until it turns brown, (about 10-15 min). It's not much to look at, but the flavor is still good. Serve it like applesauce which most babies like. The important factor is that the grated apple must be brown or it will not work for diarrhea. Do not add any sugars to it as sugars tend to cause diarrhea. Apples are a good cheap food to have in the home and should be eaten regularly year 'round. Hope this helps.


The pectin in the apples that was suggested is a good means of controlling some kinds of diarrhea. Another treatment might be rice water (adding too much water to rice, cooking the rice and decanting off the fluffy water, cooling it and then drinking that). Rice water has been used for YEARS for treatment of diarrhea.

Daniel T. Earl, D.O.
Department of Family Medicine
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City Tennessee

From: deborah lynn kasarda <dkasarda.INDIANA.EDU>

> I have an 18 month-old daughter with constant diarrhea from mild to severe.

I'm not sure if you have talked to a doctor or pharmacist yet but if not, an important thing to be aware of with severe diarrhea is dehydration. If your daughter's diarrhea is constant she is constantly losing fluids. Therefore it is crucial to replace these fluids and electrolytes. I don't know of any natural or herbal electrolyte replacers (if there are any) but Pedialyte or a similar brand is what is generally recommended in pharmacies. I don't have a baby but I have heard that mashed bananas are good for diarrhea.

From: "Sage McKenzie." <TXSage.AOL.COM>

>I have an 18 month-old daughter with constant diarrhea.........

When my first child was about that age he had diarrhea. I tried scraped apple, mashed ripe banana, burnt whiskey (my grandfather's home remedy -- burn the alcohol out of a jigger of whiskey and mix with a little sugar and water) When I took him to the pediatrician, he asked me if I was giving him vitamins with iron in them and I told him I was. It was the iron in the vitamins that was causing the problem. I stopped the iron and iron rich foods and the diarrhea stopped.

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Have you tried carrot juice ?

From: Sam Mills <SMills1138.AOL.COM>

It's very important to get some friendly bacteria into her intestines. I see where you've eliminated dairy but this may not have been the cause of the diarrhea, particularly if she has been taking any antibiotics (which kill off intestinal bacteria and set the stage for chronic diarrhea). The easiest way to get them into her is lots of yogurt (made with _live_ culture, not the sugary "Yoplait" kind), and acidophilus milk instead of plain milk. If milk really is out of the question, get a bottle of pure acidophilus culture from the natural foods section of your nearest supermarket or from a health food store. It comes in flavors that may be appealing to her. Get several tablespoons into her tummy every day--mix it with food if you like, just don't heat it or the bacteria will die. Alternatively, and if your little girl will go for it, the same bacteria can be had from fresh miso--stir a spoonful into soup (after removing the soup from heat); mix a spoonful into peanut butter when you make a sandwich. Lack of this beneficial bacteria is most often the cause for these things--replace it and your child will bloom.

(A quick "herbal" remedy for acute diarrhea that can be life-threatening is cinnamon tea ["Bring 2 cups water to a boil; add 1/4 teasp. (1/8 teasp for babies) cinnamon and a dash cayenne and simmer 20 minutes. Cool, strain, sip as needed." (from Joy Gardner, _Healing Yourself_, p. 19.)]. But the foregoing should take care of the long-term situation.)

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The following extract is from The Healing Garden by Michael Bailes, Kangaroo Press 1995


(Children under three MUST be referred to a physician as there is danger of dehydration)

Do not treat diarrhoea as a minor ailment in children. It is one of the top ten killers of Australian children. The problem is dehydration. If the diarrhoea is severe or prolonged, get medical help especially for young children. The situation can become quite critical very quickly, within a few hours.

For mild Diarrhoea, Slippery Elm can be used. Slippery Elm powder gives form and bulk to the stools, "mopping up" excess fluid! It is essential that lots of liquids are taken to avoid dehydration. Even more so if Slippery Elm is being taken. The first symptom of dehydration is a headache and dry lips. One of the best remedies for mild diarrhoea and dehydration is Chicken soup.This replaces some of the salts lost with dehydration. Camomile and Mint tea with a little honey is helpful. It is OK for the child not to eat, but do be careful that they have adequate fluids. Do not give Cola soft drinks such as Pepsi and Coke. These contain lots of caffeine, a diuretic which will worsen the problem.

Another simple remedy is carrot soup or pureed carrots. Rice water is also an gentle old country remedy. It is just the water left from boiling rice. It can be sweetened with honey. It has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach and intestines.

Eating bananas is also helpful.

Check out food allergies or food intolerance (like gluten sensitivity). Allergies often run in families and there can be hereditary factors involved. If bowel movements are always watery-diarrhoea your body could be trying to get rid of foods it cannot tolerate or digest.