Ephedra (Ma huang) for bug bite reactions.

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 00:06:24 -0700
From: Howie Brounstein <howieb.TELEPORT.COM>
Subject: Re: Wasps and bees and me

>Another question: as a child I had a life-threatening reaction to a wasp sting (shock, heart failure). Since then I carry the standard emergency kit (injection, antihistamine tablets) even though the bees and I have been getting along ok. Someone told me that there exists a natural antidote or emergency herbal treatment? Any information on this?

The dreaded Ma Huang, or ephedra, is what I use as an anti histamine for bug bites, mosquito bites (excellent externally, or internal for massive bites --- I told you to bring the mosquito head netting) and wasp/bee stings. Ideal in tincture form externally because it is also astringent. Often I mix with willow, for extra astringency and analgesic. People with very bad allergic reactions to stings that I know have switched to Ma Huang, but I would be cautious replacing the chemicals with herbs if its life threatening ...... what If you try the herbs and they don't work the first time ..... no second chance to adjust dosage and kind of herb used.

Of course, in most "civilized" country's this herb is prescription only ..... and looks like it may become that soon here.

Howie B

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From: Anita F Hales <JSAFH.ACA.ALASKA.EDU>
Subject: Re: Wasps and bees and me

Application of a crushed plaintain [Plantago sp.] leaf will bring relief from any insect bite or sting. I use them all the time.