Feverfew and bronchitis.

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Subject: Re: Feverfew?
From: dlarsen.netcom.com (Denise Larsen)
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 04:30:49 GMT

PatSpahr (Unknown) wrote:
: larryr.ripco.com (Larry) says:
: >Looking for information on 'feverfew'. I believe it is some sort of herb and: that the extract might be used to prevent migraine headaches.:
: Yes. Feverfew is both an herb and is active in the treatment of migraines. Eat three to five fresh leaves between slices of bread every day to reduce migraines. Also, you can infuse both leaf and flower and it acts as a mild sedative, a tonic to the appetite, and to relieve mild muscle spasms.
: Recent studies have shown that 70 percent of patients experienced some improvement after eating a number of feverfew leaves every day, while the best drug on the market currently has only a 50 percent cure rate.
: One source suggests that feverfew's success in combating migraines may be due to its accumulative effect in slowly reducing the smooth muscle spasms, which are implicated in many forms of migraine.
: PatSpahr

I have also used feverfew in a decoction/tea to fight off bronchitis (along with lemon grass, willow bark, and comfrey I call it desperation tea because you have to be desparate to get it down your throat. But I gleaned this recipe from a few letters from the 1800's. Seems to work.)