Food poisoning.

Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 11:18:03 -0700
From: Paul Bergner <bergner.TELEPORT.COM>
Subject: Re: Herbs For Food Poisoning?

> I would like to know if there are herbs that can be taken if one has food poisoning. Or would it be preferable NOT to try and prevent the symptoms of food poisoning (such as vomiting and diarrhea), but to just let it get out of one's system?

Try simmering a half-thumb-sized piece of ginger, chopped, in a quart of water. Then add three cloves (cloves -not- bulbs) of blended garlic, and immediately remove from the heat. Sip it until you've drunk half of it. Save the other half for 3-4 hours later. If the poisoning persists, if there's any blood involved, or there are any neurological symptoms, such as headache, tingling or creeping sensations, hot-cold confusion on the skin, headache, get thee to a doctor posthaste.

Paul Bergner
Medical Herbalism

From: Paul Iannone <p_iannone.POP.COM>

: My brother said they were all so miserable, they refused to put anything else in their stomachs. Should they have forced themselves to do so, even if it only made them vomit all the more? I'm especially wondering about the garlic since it has such a strong odor. That may make one more queasy. Or maybe used this way it does not?

Garlic, imho, is a mistake in microbial food poisoning. Too Hot. Ginger ale is famous for settling the stomach in such miserable straits. In any case, following the body's lead here is definitely the right approach. If you don't want anything, don't take anything (except water, of course).

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