Harmful herbs, vitamins, supplements.


Newsgroups: misc.health.alternative
From: hrbmoore.rt66.com (Michael Moore)
Date: 30 Dec 1995 22:30:55 GMT
Subject: Re: all herbs are dangerous

henry kelcinski <hakone.postoffice.ptd.net> wrote:
> Are you taking herbs, vitamins, supplements and still sickly? A shocking almost unbelievable report by Dr. Kelcinski, N.D. shows how these substances are actually harmful in all cases.

Where did this alleged N.D. study? Does he/she have one of those spiffy wallpaper diplomas from "Bernadean University" or the "Tumbridge-Wells Academy" or other P.O. Box institutes? This sure isn't a person that attended the four North American Naturopathic schools (4 and 1/3 if you count Clayton).

No N.D. would say such twaddle

No D.C. would say such twaddle

Even a medical politician from the AMA "Quack Brigades" would never say, let alone believe, that "herbs, vitamins, supplements" are "actually harmful in all cases."

NO health care professional, of WHATEVER stripe, would make such a blanket statement.

How do you expect to rid the body of "toxins"? Diet? (our food is often dreadful) Meditation? (the psychic grey noise from 5.3 billion humans can make this difficult, at the least). Good Living? (growing harder all the time) Enemas and emetics? (even old Dr. Samuel Thomson called himself a "root doctor".)

Do we have to buy your $9 pamphlet to get your secret? (Maybe you stole it from Nick Tesla.)

Is posting such bullshit worth the profit from $9.00?

Maybe you are a True Believer ... if so, hide the Wimmin and Chilluns and Garlic capsules ... Hank is on the loose.

Honestly, Henry (Hank) Kelcinski, N.D., this is a very intemperate and hubritic post to a newsgroup dealing with alternative health modalities ... pure bear baiting.

Go To Your Room!

(...Lord spare me...)

Michael Moore (hrbmoore.rt66.com)