Irregular heart beat.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Irregular Heart Beat
From: (Steve Dube)
Date: 1 Apr 1995 18:19:57 GMT

Try Hawthorne Berry. Take about 10 drops of the liquid twice a day. Should see improvement within a couple of months. Also stop drinking coffee for awile and then experiment with returning to coffee.


From: (JFey)

I also would suggest that she try not consuming coffee or chocolate. Coffee has caffeine and chocolate has a caffeine derrivative that can be even worse. I ended up going to the doctor for this when I was 20 years old. I had been drinking a lot of coffee at work and decided to cut back by drinking hot chocolate instead! Bad idea.

I can still end up with an irregular heartbeat whenever I eat/drink chocolate -- and as I get older it takes less and less to set it off. Even a candy bar can start it going. (... that's an allergy. -Henriette)

One way the doctor used to decide that my irregular heartbeat wasn't life threatening when I first went in -- he had me do jumping jacks for a few minutes. That stopped the irregular beat for a while. I guess this may not be the case with irregular heartbeat from other causes (?) Anyway, hope this information helps.

Jan (


Try getting your magnesium intake up. Not by pills. Rather, by a couple servings of dark green veges a day, a couple tablespoons of nuts a day, and a tablespoon of dark molasses (in warm milk, say, just before bed)

Years ago I had a thumping skipping heart during some hi intensity times, and I "cured" it as described above. Magnesium deficiency is handily achieved in contemporary mainstream nutrition. I was on such a track in that blip of time. Further, Magnesium might just be a tracer, a beacon.. might be other companion minerals, whatever that accompany magnesium in real food.

Regards.. Bill