Homoepathy, and clichés.

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 16:10:58 MST
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: Herbal Remedies for A.D.D.

Paul said:
>Homeopathic agents are NOT 'vibrational' anything. They do not 'work' or 'act'. The body REACTS to them, and they disappear instantaneously on touching your skin. The suggestion that they interact with some vibrational level of our being is a misconception. They stimulate a reaction, and if that reaction is Simillimum, then the reaction is cure.

Well stated. As an herbalist, I view the pursueable ideal to be the same: properly (or luckily) used, the body REACTS to them...their value is NOT innate but reactive. Unlike the homeopaths (no-one would ever confuse a homeopathic model with a DRUG model), I feel in this grim almost incestous grapple with the "phytotherapists", who feel more comfortable with a model that views botanicals as "little drugs", and almost feels uncomfortable in the presence of all those "filler" compounds and complexes that just get in the way of the "primary active constituents" that are the basis for the philosophicaly corrupt model of "standardized" botanicals.

My personal cliches:

Homeopath: minimum of 112 pounds of reference texts, thick glasses, a tad paranoid, often hears unseen voices (that are ignored) and a tendency to wince when shaking hands.

Herbalist: Dirty fingernails, slightly crazed eyes, a little dried spittle in the left corner of the mouth from talking too loudly, frequently seen muttering to unseen devas, and fond of porter

Phytotherapist: Lots of catalogues, medical references and a dislike for dirt.

(did I miss anyone?)

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From: jonathan treasure <jonno.TELEPORT.COM>

>(did I miss anyone?)

YES , how could you forget! The TCM practitioner...


TCM'er: slightly superior, knowingly points out that you ACTUALLY mean liver yang rising (substitute your choice from yin yang, rising descending, excess deficiency etc ) Frequents chinatowns.....