Kombucha - "tree fungus".

Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 22:42:54 -0400
From: "Claudette A. Arras" <Carras.AOL.COM>
Subject: Tree Fungus?!

Howie -

Maureen Rogers wrote:
>It's called Kombucha and is actually a tree fungus.<

So how come you told me it was pond slime, huh? If I'd had any idea it was a tree fungus, I'd have released it into a tree instead of a pond...tho it beats me how one of those items could possibly hang from a tree, let alone fend for itself up there in a stiff breeze, particularly without someone around handing it sweetened tea all the time...? Boy, when you stop to think about it, those things are really smart! How many other entities can you think of who've been encircling the globe that way for as long as they have, finding safe, loving homes for their babies and relatives as they go, getting people not only to house them in the specific temperature range they prefer, but, & isn't this the creme de la creme of smarts! - make them fresh, sweetened tea at regular intervals! I rarely ever figure out how to get someone to make ME a cup of tea. But let me say no more - for all we know there's a Be Kind To Kambucha vigilante group out there monitoring this list!

- and you know how intense the initiated are about their magic mushrooms!