Herbs for lactation.


Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:54:30 -0500
From: Sandra Hoffman <ghidra.INFOWEB.MAGI.COM>
Subject: Re: lactation and herbs

> Hello to the group. I am a lactation consultant and a member of another list on internet related to helping breastfeeding mothers. Over the past months there have been a number of messages about various herbs used during lactation to either enhance or reduce milk production.
> Examples of herbs mentioned are: cabbage leaves, red raspberry leaves, sage and fennel.
> I'm sure there are others. Please comment on these herbs and others you know to be used during lactation.

Sage has been used to reduce milk supply. I never had the nerve to use it to control the over supply problems I had, but have heard of it's use for this. I've also heard of it's use to dry up a supply after sudden weaning.

As for herbs to increase supply, nothing will increase supply faster or more effectively than unlimited sucking by the baby. And nothing will increase the quality of the milk better than a well balanced diet, unless the mother is a smoker in which case quitting smoking will improve both the quantity and quality of the milk.

From: Dawn Finney <finney.INDY.RADIOLOGY.UIOWA.EDU>

I drink a brew of the following blended herbs:

nettles, raspberry leaves, peppermint, and fenugreek seeds.

This makes my milk very rich and plentiful. Another good lactation herb is oatstraw, and I would avoid the sage--it can lessen the milk supply.

Best regards
Dawn Finney