Clear out lungs and sinuses.


Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: clearing out lungs
From: (Spirit002)
Date: 6 Oct 1995 19:41:11 -0400

The best thing I have found for clearing out your lungs is not herbal but Ayurvedic exercises. Take a deep breath, then say a vowel (A,E,I,O, or U) for as long as you can. Do this three times. Then do the same with HUMMMM.

I know it sounds crazy but it clears your lungs and sinuses.

I smoked for 19 years and know how hard it is to quit. (I haven't smoked in 9 years). If you get the urge to smoke, picture Jesse Helms talking about taxpayer support for the tobacco industry....that's enough to sicken anyone on cigarettes.

From: (ChenueC)

My husband has a problem with mucus due to asthma. He has found drinking fenugreek tea in the morning helps clear the lungs and he relies heavily on a Christopher Hobbs formula from Rainbow Light called Grindelia/Yerba Sante.

From: (Abner)

I normally use onions for coughs and colds and they have been giving me and my family good results.

Here's what you should do:
Slice the onions thinly. Put them in a hanky or thin cloth long enough to wrap around your neck. Apply the onions as a poultice on your throat. The action of this - the onions absorb the toxins and it should be replaced with a fresh poultice after 2 hours. Use this preferably at bedtime. The odor may be offensive but it really works. May you find relief.