From: (Michael Moore)
Date: 05 Nov 1995 18:59:46 GMT
Subject: Re: Melatonin

> I have heard, and read here, very much about Melatonin recently. I'm sure everyone is sick of debating this by now, but is it really the panacea that it seems to be?

Melatonin reminds me of Newt Gingrich...whenever I hear of either, I simply tune out. I DO know that melatonin has an overt drug effect. It isn't like Vitamin C ... if you are deficient, taking some improves health. It isn't like Oregon Grape ... if you metabolize proteins poorly it helps stimulate trans-amination and helps YOU metabolize proteins better.

What it IS is a neurohormone that, when you take it orally, acts AS melatonin. Melatonin levels ebb and flow as part of the ongoing dance of metabolic signals ... a three-dimensional chemical-neurologic hologram that defines and responds to internal and external stimuli. If melatonin is low, so are other related functions ... 'cause OTHER functions are high.

Taking a single substance as an isolated drug, not trying to change the REASON why the dance is slow and the BODY wants low melatonin, is just the sort of stuff we get pissed off at Standard Practice Medicine for doing.

I don't know that it is dangerous ... in fact it may be helpful for some folks (particularly up there in the North Country ... it's a long winter). I personally feel that it's use and sales as a "supplement" when in effect it is a hormone replacement is philosophically corrupt.