Irregular menses.

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Subject: Re: Help: My *friend* is a very irregular visitor
From: Moses David Goldberg <>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 21:05:18 GMT wrote:
> Hi, I'm a newbie to this group but I'm hoping one of you herbologists may be able to help....
> My menstrual periods [sorry guys] are getting so irregular I could scream. Have tried exercise, 'Women's Cure' herb caplets from the health food store....nothing seems to work. I've always been irregular but I'm in my late 20's and it seems to be getting worse.....and yes, I'm stressed out, who isn't? Also had blood taken from my wonderful doctress a number of times for thyroid and pituitary stuff--it comes out 'normal' and they guess I'm just 'that way'.....Would go on 'the pill' but that screws up my system [and personality] even more.....
> Any teas or herbs anyone could suggest I would just be so grateful I'd name my first born after you.....
> Kristy
> P.s. re-reading this, if it sounds cranky, sorry.

I have made a formula for my partner and since she has been taking the the following herbs her menses have been very regular. The formula of tinctures are of Vitex which is an hormonal normalizer, Motherwort and Mugwort as emmenogogues. Blue Cohosh as a uterine stimulant herb, Red Raspberry as a gentle uterine tonic and St. Johns's wort to ease the emotional swings of life.

You may find that these work for you but there may be other herbs you wish to add or take out. Rosemary Gladstars' book Herbal Healing for Women has a much more in-depth discussion of amenorrhea. She stresses strong Endocrine/Liver teas or tintures as a foundation, whith iron and calcium herbs as well.

Hope this info flows with you.......