Repelling mosquitoes.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Mosquitos & Herbs
From: (Amy Winans)
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 95 01:05:00 -0600

Edwin wrote:
> I was wondering if there are any herbals that can be taken to reduce the attack of mosquitos. I happen to live in an area where they are abundant.

HiHo, Edwin, typing to you from Baytown to the East a few miles, and I do well know what you mean! Here's what I've gathered on that subject, and keep (all) on hand as needed:

  1. You can join the rest of America and buy a caseload of Avon's Skin So Soft. I have about a dozen friends who worship it religiously.
  2. You can stock up on anything containing Citronella, although I fear it may still be too new to really know if there is Life for it after the Candles. I'm seeing alot of oils and lotions saying it's in there, though.
  3. Continue to use the old standby's with DEET in them, like Off's Offtastic, or whatever, or Cutter's. Have heard personal testimonials on Cutter's.
  4. Investigate local ancient customs, as I discovered when I read the area's native Indians, the Karankawas, employed an effective remedy to a problem which was (unbelievably) much more horrid than it presently is; that is, they killed them an alligator, skinned him, liquified the fat and slathered it on! Kept quite a few things away, one of which WAS mosquitoes!

Seriously, though, there is probly something in that we could replicate today with something similar but more sweet-smelling. So, if anyone has any ideas, as well as things to ingest that might make your "scent" less attractive to mosquitoes, please post!

From: (Paul Iannone)

Amy Winans wrote:
: 1. You can join the rest of America and buy a caseload of Avon's Skin So Soft.
: 2. You can stock up on anything containing Citronella

These are equivalent offerings. Skin So Soft contains citronella as the active ingredient, if I am not mistaken. It is not dramatically effective for mosquitos, for many of us, at least.

From: (Moreta)

a friend of mine is highly allergic to citronella, so she can't use that, essential oils of any type should never be used directly on the skin, with the exceptions of lavendar and tea tree oil, and even those if the person has sensitive skin. One of my suppliers has a new book and essential oil set coming out (with the oils etc.. ) and I have 2 copies coming, I will check it out and see if it actually works, and the above friend is also going to try it to see if it works. (and if anyone is interested I will post the results as to what works for what.. ;> ) We are also going to try it on the horses, cause we do a lot of trail riding and horse packing etc..

Usually for repellants or such I just eat a lot of garlic.. (I am a garlic fiend so I normally eat a lot of it.. ;> ) and I have found that all I really need.

From: (nicholas vavro)

I drinks alot of beer and Bugs don't bite me. You figure, seriously.

From: (Alnbets)

There are many essential oils that will keep away mosquitos. e.g. Lavender, pennyroyal, citronella to name a few. There is a commercial product on the market called" Green Ban" that is quite effective. Also it is vitamin B-1 not just vitamin B. Know hunters that go to Alaska every year who use this very effectively.