Muscle spasms: Scullcap.

Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 23:29:46 -0500
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From: Howie Brounstein <HOWIEB.DELPHI.COM>
Subject: Re: relief from muscle spasms

> Also, I am suffering from nerve pain from my lower back down my left leg after a painful epidural. This causes the muscles of my lower back to spasm painfully. I live with it during the day, but at night they get so intense that they often wake me up or keep me from going to sleep altogether. The MD I am seeing has given me several different muscle relaxors to try to help me sleep, but they make me groggy all day. Does anyone have any suggestions that can relax my muscles at night but not give me a "hang-over" the next day.

I use Skullcap for relief of muscle spasms. I find it very effective for most cases, especially mixed with Valerian. Skullcap seems gentler on your body than the valerian. Valerian can upset some tummies.

For Intense Spasms and Cramps
If taken in tincture form, you can hold the undiluted extract under your tongue until the cramp or spasm stops. If can taste strongly to some. The alcohol in the extract will enter your body quickly.....along with the constituents of the herb.

Of course, don't look for some herb to do ALL the work. You should at least stop what you're doing (What were you doing, by the way?), relax, breathe slow and deep, and consciously try to relax the muscle, while you're holding the tincture in your mouth.

BTW, if these are re-occurring, check into why. Perhaps a mineral deficiency, or something else. We need to remember to find out what is wrong before we treat the symptom.

Howie B