Nausea tea.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 02:36:32 -0400
From: Chuck Coker, Indigenous Languages Project <IndLangPrj.AOL.COM>
Subject: New Subscriber Intro

Hi all,

I am a new subscriber to the HERB list, and I thought I might introduce myself.

My name is Chuck Coker, and I currently have two residences: San Bernardino, CA and Peach Springs, AZ (the Hualapai Indian Reservation). I spend about half the week at each place. I do *lots* of driving. My college work is Computer Information Systems major, with minors in Linguistics and Anthropology.

I've started working on some ethnobotany stuff on the Rez (we write books and develop software in the Hualapai language for the school children here), and my interest has in plants and such has mushroomed (no pun intended, but I like it anyway). I just recently discovered the HERB list; I guess *everything* is on the 'net somewhere.

My grandmother, who raised me as a child, was Cherokee, and a lot of the remedies for various ills I learned about from her turn out to be "herbal" remedies. Funny, I never really thought of them that way. I just assumed everyone did the same things I did.

As I've been lurking these past days, I've noticed that people tend to talk about single-herb remedies a lot. Does anyone mix their herbs? I find single-herb remedies a little bit amazing, but I'm still fairly new at this, so what do I know. I'm hoping to see some recipes for various things. For example, my 21-month-old daughter gets car sick, so when we make the drive between San Bernardino and Peach Springs (324 miles each way), I make "Nausea Tea" for her. I mix 3 cinnamon, 1 cardamom, 1 nutmeg, and 1 cloves (all powdered) and steep 1/4 teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water until it's cool enough for her to drink (about 10-15 minutes depending on the cup used). I also take a little bit of the tea with us on the trip. I don't know all the "medical" reasons that this works (but hope to find out here); I just know that this is what my grandmother gave me.

So far, what I've seen looks interesting. I hope to learn more as time progresses, and occasionally, I'll throw in my two cents worth.